Reverse sensors, backup cameras, auto dimming mirrors, blind spot warning system, keyless start, heated seats, remote start, Bluetooth phone and audio, steering wheel audio controls, and navigation. What do all these systems have in common? These features, and plenty more, are most commonly found standard in cars made in the last 5 years. In my last post, I talked about driving a 20 year old Outback after driving a car I bought brand new from the dealer in 2012.

My wife drives a 2014 Ford Fusion that has nearly all of those systems listed above and when driving her car, it’s hard to take those things for granted when I jump into my 20 year old car and realize how archaic it really is.

A new video series is currently being developed alongside the Profit Cars series called Boxer Tech Mods. In Boxer Tech Mods, I’ll show you how to make your older Subaru have many things that new Subaru owners enjoy with their cars without paying a huge premium to have them. Who says you have to drive a new car to have these creature comforts.

The first video in the series will debut on Friday the 9th and it will show you how to install an auto-dimming mirror with digital compass and Home Link into your older Subaru for less than $25. Further videos in the series will include installing backup sensors and camera, keyless and remote start, Bluetooth audio and hands-free phone with steering wheel controls and navigation, heated seat installation, and smart car integration. Stay tuned and Subscribe to the YouTube channel to get updates when new videos drop.

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