Wholesaler Closeout Parts Listings

As you may know, I purchase a lot of my parts from RockAuto to fix cars on and off the channel. RockAuto is usually my go to when I am in need of affordable parts but they have a feature that many people do not know about: Wholesaler Closeout Parts. The purpose is to give shoppers a quick overview of parts that have put on clearance or discontinued for their vehicles. It is just another way to get deals on parts without breaking the bank. I have purchased head gaskets, rear main seals, and filters on clearance for less than half the retail price anywhere else on the internet.

The problem is, unless you're part of their mailing list, you'll never see this convenient listing and unless you know how to manipulate the URL, you can't see this list for any other vehicle you want. I have made it easier for my followers to find cheap parts using a "hack" and a little bit of coding on my website. Below is every closeout list for every Subaru model from 1990-2019.

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