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Boxer Tech Perfomance AWD Control Module

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Most Subaru automatic transmissions up to 2010 biased their torque and power distribution to the front wheels, as much as 80%. The Symmetric AWD system uses 2 speed sensors to determine how fast the front and rear wheels are turning and if it detects slippage, it can adjust it's distribution to a full 50/50 split. This is a great system except for one thing, it's not the best when you want to go off-roading, as the system is constantly switching between 50/50 and 80/20, causing more wear to your transmission and it's solenoids. 

Much like the STI has the available DCCD system that you can select how much torque distribution you want, the Boxer Tech Performance AWD Selector switch allows you to do the same thing. 

This system will only fit Automatic transmission equipped AWD Subaru vehicles. It is not compatible with vehicles equipped with DCCD, VDC, or CVT transmissions or manual gearboxes. 


AWD Modes are selected using the very easy to use rotary dial switch that is mounted next to the gear shift lever. The AWD Control Module has 3 standard selectable modes and 2 accessory modes:

  • 2WD mode: The transmission puts 100% of its power to the front wheels. This is similar to inserting the FWD fuse into its holder, but it will not cause unnecessary wear to your transmission. It can also benefit by increasing your fuel economy by 3-5%.
  • AWD mode: The AWD system functions as intended from the factory. The system will adjust the AWD system based on road conditions.
  • 4Lock mode: The transmission is locked into a 50/50 torque distribution system. This is ideal for inclement weather, heavy off-road usage, or drag racing applications. Though no adverse effects have been observed, it is not recommended that it be used for speeds under 5 MPH, as it may have the potential cause damage to the center differential.
  • Handbrake/Burnout Mode*: Turn your AWD car into a FWD burnout/drift machine. Allows you to lock your handbrake in the up position while directing full power to just the front wheels. Just add restaurant food trays under your back wheels.**
  • Power Mode: With the press of a button, the AWD control module changes your transmission's configuration to a more aggressive shift pattern that holds the engine in it's optimal torque curve much longer and has more responsive downshifts.***

*Handbrake Mode cannot be selected on the rotary dial. It is activated when the handbrake is pulled and overrides any setting made on the rotary dial. The same effect is achieved by setting the rotary dial to 2WD and setting your handbrake.
**Boxer Tech Performance does not recommend engaging in the act of stealing restaurant food trays.
***Power Mode cannot be selected on the rotary dial. Power Mode is not supported by all automatic transmissions, therefore is not guaranteed to work in every application. May increase smile factor while decreasing fuel economy.

What\'s Included

This kit includes:

  • Rotary dial mode selector switch
  • AWD control module
  • Wiring harness
  • Wire taps
  • Instruction manual



Full Kit: $99 est.