I work hard at creating my YouTube content. Each video is carefully thought out, filmed, re-filmed, edits and re-edits made, and then finally uploaded. These changes that YouTube has implemented really discourages content creators like myself from continuing to use the platform.

It’s not that YouTube offers a whole lot to creators, it’s just the most popular and most widely used platform available, hence why they believe they can do whatever they want without consequence. Do these changes change what I will do? Not at all. I don’t do it for the money, I do it because I love to teach. I love being thorough in every aspect of the work that I accomplish.

Years ago, when YouTube implemented the Partner Program I applied and was accepted into it. That was in March 2008. My email address allowed me to grandfather the Boxer Tech channel into this program and enjoy all the benefits that my other channel provided to me. As part of that partnership, monetization was not a perk, rather an additional feature as part of YouTube if you had videos. Today, YouTube “bundles” monetization with other exclusive features like End Cards, Video Cards, etc, that allowed me to create . By losing this status, it makes it even harder for you to find out more information about the content in my video. I apologize, but as an workaround, the information will have to go in the description.

As always, my content will be free on YouTube and here on my site. I do not have fancy partnerships or put ads in my videos. Any ads that show up that may show up in my videos are not as a result of any monetization on my behalf, but the sole discretion of YouTube. I do use affiliate links for products that I feature, but there is almost zero revenue that comes from these links, even if you purchase something, which nets around $0.10-0.50 per sale commission. To date, I’ve made $10.35 from commissions on Amazon, but the knowledge gained is more valuable than that. The affiliate links to products on Amazon help me determine what you, my viewers and followers, want to see me feature in videos. For example, the cooling system burp video tells me that the funnel featured is a extremely valuable tool to my viewers, since I have sold about 20 of them since the video went live, but people are buying other tools with that funnel that I should be featuring too.

If you want to show your support for what I do, first and foremost: like and share my videos with your friends. If you enjoy the work I do as much as I do, consider subscribing to the channel. If you want to buy me a drink, PayPal gifts are always welcome and that money goes directly into funding video development. I’ll even give you a shout out on my video for being an awesome person.

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